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    West African Citizens Awards Categories Finally Unveiled | @wafricawards_

    According to the organizer of the West African Citizens Awards in its second edition, Wafricawards is targeted at rewarding creativity and hardworking West African Youths, to encourage collaboration among West Africans and to promote, reward, empower and to showcase talents of West African Youths. 

    The awards takes every West Africans into consideration as students, entrepreneurs, entertainers and creative thinkers  have the opportunity of putting their country's name on the world map by nominating and voting their choices. 

    This award platform that is targeted at rewarding creative and hardworking citizens in West Africa thereby promoting them unlike other awards that leave the citizens / youth to go back to their everyday struggle,is still open to sponsorship to Organizations and Individuals who believe in Citizens Empowerment.

    Nomination started by March 5th and scheduled to end by May 31st, 2018

    Below is the official list of West African Citizens Awards Categories



    1.      Most Popular Blog Site of The Year
    2.      Best Online Pr/Media of The Year
    3.      Media & Entertainment Brand of the Year
    4.      Best Imer of The Year
    5.      Best Poet/Writer of The Year
    6.      Best Student Of The Year
    7.      Best Student Union Government
    8.      Most Innovative Teacher Of The Year
    9.      University Of The Year
    10. Student Brand of The Year
    11. Best Journalist of The Year
    12. On Air Personality of The Year
    13. Online Media Personality of the Year
    14. Best Photographer of The Year
    15. Graphic Designer of The Year
    16. Video Director of the Year
    17. Best Comedian 
    18. Best DJ
    19. Music Producer of The Year
    20. Best Dancer (Male)
    21. Best Dancer (Female)
    22. Dance Crew of The Year
    23. Best Actor
    24. Best Actress
    25. Best Tv Series of The Year
    26. Best Rapper (Male)
    27. Best Rapper (Female)
    28. Best Artist (Male) 
    29. Best Artist (Female)
    30. Rookie of The Year
    31. Next Rated Artiste of The Year
    32. Record Label of The Year
    33. Black Diamond (Male)
    34. Black Diamond (Female)
    35. Skin Care Brand of The Year
    36. Make Up Artist of The Year
    37. Model of The Year (Male)
    38. Model of The Year (Female)
    39. Fashionista of The Year (Male)
    40. Fashionista of The Year (Female)
    41. Best athlete of The Year (Male)
    42. Best Athlete of The Year (Female) 
    43. Clothier of The Year
    44. Organization Making a Difference in West Africa
    45. Indigenous Organization Of The Year

    So, if you want to participate, simply apply for a category now by clicking the nominate button below.

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