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    Interview with Miss Oyinkansola Enuice (WAFRICA Ambassador)

    An interview session with the faculty of arts students association beauty queen contestant winner :Miss Oke Oyinkansola Eunice of Olabisi Onabanjo University,Ago-Iwoye,Ogun State, Nigeria by Ajado Joseph Babatunde.

    Can we meet you?

    I am Oke Oyinkansola Eunice,400L students, philosophy department, faculty of arts,Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye,Ogun-State,Nigeria.

    Why did you chose to study your course out of many specialized field?

    First and foremost, I actually put in for law,later opted for philosophy as a result of divine providence,I had no choice than to study philosophy when I checked the relevance on the google user interface platform. After all,it is a good course to study.

    Can you tell me your primary and secondary education? 

    Both primary and secondary education were attended in Ogun-State.During my learning process as a primary school students, I was elected a class captain from primary three to primary 5.The primary education was completed at sagamu to fulfil the requirements for a primary school leaving certificate. The journey as a secondary school students was very worthwhile, given a position of a labour prefect.The role known for hard work, commitment and motivation which I did well by the grace of God.Afterwards I completed my secondary education at Dee Unique International School at Ilisan Demo where I graduated with a secondary school leaving certificate.

    Have you ever aspired for any position at any level?

    No,I didn’t show any interest at all.

    What is your mode of dressing?

    I love a very simple dressing made to fit

    What has been your ultimate for success in the school?

    Well,it has been God and the trust and faith in him.

    What is your most preferred food?

    I like to eat yam,pottage and pounded yam with melon soup.

    What has been your experience as a student in the department of philosophy towards the lectures and lecturer?

    Hmm,well you know we students. There is ups and down.I cannot really recall any experience. But it has been so good.

    What is that thing you cannot do without?

    I cherish my food and phone.Those basics necessity of life

    What is your most memorable day?

    I cannot recall any one recently.

    Who is your best friends?

    Have got one best friends which her name is Badru Oyindamola Kaosarat.

    What could be your like and dislike?

    I love when people are who they are and not being another type of somebody. I dislike two faced people.

    What could be the attraction for selecting a future partner? 

    The question is making me smile,at least he should be a graduate, well behaved,average height, handsome and has a nice breath.

    Who is your role model?

    My role model has been my mother

    How did you feel when bestowed the title of FASA beauty queen contestant winner?

    FASA being an annual events carried out in the school.The honour and personal recognition would last for a year to the recipient.I was extremely happy because I was not expecting it.It is now in the history of being the first person to have been given the title.

    For the moment  you are bestowed the honorary title about the just concluded events in your school,subsequently your modelling career began.How do you see rediscover your purpose in life as a model?

    It all started from the event.I never expected it,it came as a surprise,it was the grace of God that saw me through.For the rediscovering of purpose in life as a model.I cannot really say as the time progresses,I will rediscover my purpose for life.

    How does you felt about being West African Citizens Awards Ambassador?

    Wow!!!It was a blast.I was very happy and at the same time feeling proud about myself.Initially, never expected it,but owe everything to prayers and the support of my friends.It came through.

    What part of your body you cherish the most?

    I love to take care of my body especially my face

    What colour and accessories you love to associate with?

    I prefer pink, I don’t like accessories.

    What will be your advice to the people who want to occupy the same title?

    Well,just be yourself and remain focus and never mind whatever people say.

    What has been your journey to education before joining Olabisi Onabanjo University?

    When I finished my secondary education, I wrote my first Jamb and was given admission into Mapoly to study mass communication. So it was during my second year that I came to Olabisi Onabanjo University after writing my second jamb.

    What is your future ambition?

    I just want to be rich before thirty.

    Are you single or searching?

    Smiles,not single but searching.

    What has your school impacted into your life?

    It has been goodwill and sense of independence.

    What’s your height,stature and colour of your skin?

    I am slim, 5.5 fit tall and light skinned.

    What is your active online presence?
    I am active on Instagram and WhatsApp.

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